Vapengin Jupiter 2 Starter kit 6500 puffs

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Jupiter 2, upgraded from its predecessor Jupiter, is a 2-piece vape that combine technological sense and round interface design to offer a comfortable grip in palm. The full functional Jupiter 2 not only creates a feast to your taste buds but also frees you from power anxiety with its precise power display.

Dynamic draw display and clear-cut power display free you from power anxiety.

Disposable pod and reusable battery, a 2-piece vape that cuts the need of spending more than you want for different flavors.

Customized N1 chipset with Mesh heating system together creates unparalleled feast to your mouth. A wide range of flavors caters to your vape preference.


Peach mango ice, Watermelon ice, Grape ice, Bubble cranberry, Triple mango, Sour blue rasp ice, Blue cherry dragon fruit, Watermelon bubblegum mint, Double apple, Pineapple passion fruit, Mango lemonade ice, Cherry sparkling juice, Mixed berries egg tart, Banana ice, Cool mint


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